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Support Services
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Befriending Support
Losing someone that you love leaves behind a void. It is hard to know what to do, what to think or how to feel. Invariably others have their own well-meaning advice on how to cope and on what you should be feeling, but in truth, there is no manual of how to get through.
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Family Outings
From time to time we are able to organise trips and functions that provide the support of others but also provide a space for fun.
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Play Therapy
Play Therapy gives children the opportunity to work through their feelings and helps them to come to an understanding and acceptance of what has happened to them, the parents also gain a better understanding of what their child is going through.
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Support Groups
The Family Support Groups that we offer allow families to come together in a relaxed atmosphere, talk, listen and share their own memories. It can feel as though your own families and friends no longer want to hear you talk about the person who died.
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UK Breaks
Our UK Breaks are specifically designed for families who need to spend quality time together in a stress free and relaxing environment. All of the holiday parks are situated in Wales and are free of charge to the immediate family.
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