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Befriending Support
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Losing someone that you love leaves behind a void. It is hard to know what to do, what to think or how to feel. Invariably others have their own well-meaning advice on how to cope and on what you should be feeling, but in truth, there is no manual of how to get through.

The pain of bereavement can leave you feeling alone, left to deal with powerful emotions. What we ask you to remember is that you are not alone, that through the bereavement support we offer, you can have the opportunity to share some of the grief and associated feelings of anger, sadness, fear and loss.

There is no time limit on our help, just as there is no time limit on grief. We will continue to offer support, until you and your family feel that you no longer need the assistance from the charity. We will work with individuals or families. We can provide this support via the telephone Helpline or email and additionally, if you live in South Wales, we are also able to offer family support groups or individual one to one sessions.
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