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Bereavement Counselling - Madeleine’s Story
Image depicting Madeleine’s Story
Madeleine was 15 when her mother died of cancer. Madeleine’s dad first contacted the charity a few weeks before her mum’s death to explore ways of telling Madeleine and help to prepare her for her mum’s death. Unfortunately the cancer unexpectedly progressed very rapidly and Madeleine’s mum died before the charity had the opportunity of meeting Madeleine.

The loss of a parent is a devastating event, but the early loss of a mother is one of the most powerful and lasting influences in a young daughter’s life. The charity’s counselling service helped Madeleine to explore her feelings of shock, numbness and disbelief; encouraging her to talk about the painful memories of her mum’s cancer treatment and the deep sense of grief on the death of her mum.

In time, Madeleine was ready to remember the good times and share the stories of holidays and special times that they had enjoyed as a close family of three. With the charity’s encouragement, Madeleine also created Mum’s memory box as well as a collage using photos, pictures, drawings and mementos. A very special keepsake, which in time, she hopes to share with her own children.

Over time the happy memories have replaced the sad ones. Madeleine will always miss her mum, but she is able to talk about her feelings and share her thoughts with her Dad and best friend.

The charity has worked with over 40 young people like Madeleine who benefited from face to face bereavement counselling in the last year.
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