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Support Groups - Teenagers Group
Image depicting Teenagers Group
One of our support groups, the Teenagers Group, was formed two years ago because teenagers already receiving one-to-one counselling felt the need to meet other teenagers, who like themselves, were bereaved due to the death of a close relative. The group meets during the school holidays. The aim of this group is to provide an opportunity for them to meet and share experiences with other bereaved young people in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment. This group helps to dispel the sense of isolation felt by many of these teenagers.

The group activities include playing musical instruments, painting, acting etc. and help the group to bond together. Individual activities are also arranged such as writing a poem or song, devising a dance or painting in memory of the person they have lost to share with the group. This often offers a therapeutic release for some of their feelings. These sessions traditionally come to an end by playing a noisy and often crazy game before these teenagers leave to re-join the outside world.

As a group of individuals who have all experienced bereavement, the members bond with each other and offer mutual support which enables them to find the confidence to share the loss of much loved family members.

In the past year nearly 40 families have benefited from group sessions. Our Siblings Group, Teenage Group and Mums Group all offer mutual support and sharing to those who have been bereaved by cancer.
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