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Disneyland Paris - Danny’s Story
Image depicting Danny’s Story
The story starts with an email from Danny’s dad. “I don’t know where to start. In September my son was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma and underwent 7 months of chemotherapy. The worst 7 months of his and our lives! Thankfully he is now in remission. We decided during his treatment that we wanted to take him to Disneyland Paris. He is four years old and a MASSIVE Disney fan, as is his little sister. The problem is that I had to reduce my working hours due to Danny’s illness and so money is tight. One of the parents I spoke with at the hospital clinic suggested I contact you guys, as you may be able to help towards the cost.”

Three months later, with the assistance of the charity, the family visited Disneyland Paris. The following is an extract from a letter received from the family on their return.

“On arrival at the hotel we were greeted by very friendly staff, they couldn’t do enough for us. We were then escorted to our room where we found a welcome letter from the general manager telling us we were honoured guests of the hotel; which was a really nice touch!

Then to the park, and WOW, it’s more than magical! The Genie pass was marvellous, no queuing and Danny was treated like royalty. On our last day we made a real effort to meet some Disney characters. We avoided a ninety minute queue to meet the princesses, this was for Danny’s little sister, and she was so thrilled when the princesses started talking to her!

During the day there is a parade with about ten Disney characters travelling around the park in a train. For some reason I decided to approach one of the staff and pointed out Danny’s Genie badge. The young gentleman ran off, we just waited, not knowing where he had gone.

Next thing we know the huge crowds parted and he returned with the train and characters following close behind. We are all bundled onto the train with the Disney characters and everyone was taking photographs, the characters posed with the family and made a really big fuss of the kids.

It was such a magical and amazing moment, a proper once a lifetime experience! It was also the part that brought me to tears.

We really cannot thank you enough. You gave us something we could never have imagined, a time away where cancer wasn’t the main thing on our minds. For that alone we can never thank you enough!”

Disneyland Paris was the venue for over 150 children and parents who enjoyed a special visit during the last year.
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