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Special Events - Amy, George and Christopher’s Stories
Image depicting Amy, George and Christopher’s Stories
Family day trips are becoming less of a tradition as often parents struggle to find the time and money to take their children out, but when a family is hit by cancer and in particular their child, then their whole world and the world of the people around them is turned upside down with siblings unintentionally pushed aside, routines smashed and finances reaching rock bottom.

‘Kids Cancer Charity’ understands that a day out does not have to be just to a Theme Park or other major tourist attraction to form treasured memories or a family bonding session. It is time spent together sharing an experience, for example a sporting event, pantomime or even being a clown for a day; each has its own method of communication and each with its very unique element of fun! What is it they say ‘It’s not the winning but the taking part that counts’ and it is times like these that allow each and every one to take part to their own capabilities, does not single them out but helps to build their confidence and feeling of well-being. When these treats come along they help to boost morale and help families face the months ahead.

Amy was one such child with cancer who had struggled for months on hospital wards, at home and eventually at school but always kept her sense of humour so the chance to act the clown for the day was too much of a temptation. At this time she had permission to just be silly. Or George, Amy’s 6 year old brother who was constantly being told to keep the noise down as his sister was not very well, eventually he had the nod to shout and scream as loudly as he liked at the pantomime dames.

Christopher on the other hand was withdrawn and felt very nervous and completely alone since his big brother had died of cancer. He very rarely socialised with other children as his confidence and self-esteem were shattered. However, the Olympics arrived and at our Olympic Themed Party Christopher found things that he was good at, as his medals prove. This boosted his confidence helped Christopher to make new friends who were in a similar situation to himself. Every child at the Olympic Party won a medal which they were so proud of and couldn’t wait to show to others and tell them about the day they went to the ‘Olympics’.

It isn’t what you say but the way that you say it and it isn’t what you do but the way that you do it and that’s what gets results!

Amy, George and Christopher as well as another 164 attended one of our Special Events this year.
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