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Play Therapy - Jenny’s Story
Image depicting Jenny’s Story
Jenny was 10 when she came to the charity for play therapy after her mother became concerned that she was having difficulty in dealing with her grandfather’s diagnosis of terminal cancer. Matters were complicated by the fact that Jenny’s parents had divorced two years earlier.

Witnessing her grandfather’s decline left Jenny emotionally fragile and tearful. She had lost her confidence and sense of self-worth, which adversely affected her school work, social life and relationship with her parents.

Jenny was introduced to our play therapists and regularly visited our play room every week for several months. Jenny found that she could use her great affinity for art to express her inner feelings and frustrations, and over time became better able to deal with these feelings. If Jenny encountered challenging experiences either at school or at home, she would bring them to her play session to express her feelings. This was particularly the case when Jenny’s grandfather sadly passed away. Jenny was able to grieve and seek the support of our play therapist to help her deal with the grief of losing a much loved grandparent. Over time Jenny came to terms with her loss and slowly was able to strengthen her relationship with her mum and rebuild her social network with her very strong group of friends.

During the play sessions Jenny was also able to communicate her sense of loss in not being able to see her father. With the help of the play therapist, Jenny was able to express her feelings to her father, only to discover her father’s deepest wish was also to rebuild their relationship and regain his daughter’s love.

We take great satisfaction in seeing that Jenny is continuing to be happily well-adjusted and doing well at school and at home.

Our Play Therapists work with over 200 children like Jenny each year.
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