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Hi! Received your letter this morning.

I have been meaning to contact you to thank you and everyone for giving us the opportunity to share the experience at Manorbier. Although we only see each other every 6 months, it is amazing how we all 'gel', it feels to us like we are meeting up with family we haven't seen for a while.

I cannot express enough how much it means to us to be able to talk, laugh, cry and re-live memories and emotions with others who know exactly how you feel without feeling guilty that you are 'burdening' them.

Other people don't understand that, although Christopher is no longer with us in person, he will always exist in our memories and hearts and will always be part of our lives.

We have many photos, and I will make sure that they are e-mailed to you soon. I'm not sure how to send them but John and Laura are.

THANK YOU again for everything, writing it down looks so feeble compared to the gratitude we feel inside! We appreciate the time, thought and effort taken in organising the gatherings, and for us, every time we meet has been perfect and special.
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