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Photo relating to the story The Christian Lewis Trust is a Children's Cancer Charity and so it is an organisation that helps families affected by cancer. As these families know, an everyday routine can be turned on its head in an instant, disrupting plans, meals, everything.

And it's not just at the point of diagnosis, this disruption can occur during treatment usually with very little notice. But, this unpredictability means you have to be organised exceptionally well with everything else, where you can.

That's why we booked a holiday with the Christian Lewis Trust. We got a date in a great caravan, in a great part of the world as early as we could. We put a great big red line on the calendar reserving the week and looked forward to it. I wouldn't say we gloat, but the fact that we had a holiday booked later in the year made us all feel better.

And if we had to miss it through a badly timed hospital visit, well the Trust understands. And if we have to visit hospital while we are away, we know things are set-up so we know where we are and where we need to go. We didn't need to trawl through holiday brochures, we didn't spend precious time at the travel agents, the Trust did it all for us.

But don't let me kid you, its not just because its organised for us, our holiday in North Wales was truly superb. We have children aging from 3 to 14, boys and girls so we have to find a range of interests. But Porthmadog and the surrounding area has lots to offer. The little girl loved dancing at the site disco (as did the boys really, yes they know all the actions to the campers favourites now). Dad enjoyed Electric Mountain, Mum enjoyed the relaxing train rides and the boys loved it all. Look at the smiles on their faces with the little puppies at the farm.

We did have a good time, getting away from the usual routine, seeing some wonderful sights and treating ourselves to some gorgeous meals. We have the photos and the memories and know how to do those funny dances now.

Of course I'd like to thank the Trust for everything, but I would also like to thank the attractions of the area for providing entrance passes for the Christian Lewis Trust 'families' to use whilst staying at one of their caravans. Some of these attractions are clearly big businesses, but others are not. And so we appreciate the generosity.

Having these trips organised for families like ours is really important and is really appreciated. Thanks.

The Lau Family
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