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Our Holiday To Greenacres

Photo relating to the story Teresa, our Social Worker, has told us we have a holiday booked with the Christian Lewis Trust, Children's Cancer Charity, for September in Wales. We can't believe it, our first holiday for years and I've always fancied going to Wales.

One whole week in a caravan - I've always liked caravans, we went in one when Mum was ill with cancer, so it all came flooding back, exactly the same, it was through a cancer charity and we went to Fleetwood for a week. When I found out we were going in a caravan, myself and the girls were so excited we couldn't wait! I went out to buy the girls some new clothes. Michaela needed some, having lost a lot of weight. She was so excited and made a list of what toys she wanted to take with her.

When the morning came to set off we followed the details of how to get there, they were fantastic and so accurate they took us straight there. We made no mistakes. The farthest we had been before was Blackpool. Anyway when we arrived we went to book in, then went for a look round. The girls couldn't wait to jump into the pool and go to see the characters in the evening – that was something they looked forward to every night. We took our things to the caravan and had a look round and the girls picked the room with twin beds and unpacked. We then had a walk to the beach which was only five minutes walk away and played a little football and flew our kites.

We were also given tickets to visit certain places which was lovely and saved us a lot of money. With having 3 children, it soon mounts up, so that was very kind. The bit I liked the most was the train ride up Snowdon – gorgeous weather at the bottom, but freezing when we got to the top! We bought souvenirs before coming back down. Natasha loves trains so she was thrilled, and the views were spectacular. We also went on another train ride called Ffestiniog Railway, we got a drink and something to eat on that one.

We also went to Portmeirion, we loved that too, but we also liked just staying on the holiday park and the beach. The beach at Greenacres was beautiful and we walked up and down a few times. The place was so clean and the people very friendly. We also did some driving around so we could visit other places in Porthmadog. We went for meals, did some shopping, and we love looking in antique shops, as does Jessica, our 10-year-old.

All in all we loved our time in Wales and Greenacres was such a fantastic place, so good we didn't want to come home!

Janine, Timothy, Jessica, Michaela and Natasha
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